Flipped through the old journal again and found an entry from 15 years ago today.  I recorded the events of the past two weeks where nineteen year old me: Arrived from Barcelona, Spain, Spent a couple of days in NYC with some college friends, Empire State Building Museums Nose pierced in Greenwich Village Joined a … Continue reading

Jam-packed Days

Last week we packed up the car and traveled south and east to Williamsburg, home of the tri-corner hat, tourists-turned-residents, and the second oldest college in the nation.  (We lived there for several years back in the day.  I was head honcho in a gang of two called the CW; proof circa 2002, below.) Day … Continue reading

Summer Road Trip: Take Two

Once again we packed up the trusty Subaru and hit the road, this time traveling to upstate NY where Karl officiated a wedding for some amazing friends of ours.  On the way there we drove on I-81 through Pennsylvania and along some secondary roads until we hit NY.  Although we recently had a great visit … Continue reading

East Coast Tour 2010

Karl and I hit the road last Saturday for what originally was to be a trip to see the Pixies outside of Philadelphia.  The plan was to stay at a hotel in downtown Philly (D) for Monday and Tuesday and then make a leisurely trek back home on Wednesday. Sometime in early August we added … Continue reading