Deep Breaths

I’m clutching the door frame with one hand as I lean over to hunch my shoulders. My other hand digs into my side while I bend over, trying to expel all of the air from my lungs. I need to breathe in deeply to force a yawn but nothing happens except for shallow jags of … Continue reading

Tampons and Flubber

“What the hell are you talking about woman?” Fall, 1996.  I left Dartmouth behind for an exchange term at Some say the West Coast is the best coast.  I say it’s expensive.  I arrived on campus with very little money to my name.  My books alone were $300 and I had to take out a … Continue reading


“9/11/01: It is 11:53 p.m. … I am feeling so numb, I can’t even cry.” It was around 9 AM on a gorgeous, sunny Tuesday.  I was driving on Route 5 west of Williamsburg, on my way class at VCU.  As part of my usual routine, I was listening to the local morning radio program … Continue reading


Flipped through the old journal again and found an entry from 15 years ago today.  I recorded the events of the past two weeks where nineteen year old me: Arrived from Barcelona, Spain, Spent a couple of days in NYC with some college friends, Empire State Building Museums Nose pierced in Greenwich Village Joined a … Continue reading

Sammy Hagar and Montreal

I’ve been trying to read this dreadfully boring Sammy Hagar article in the latest Rolling Stone (the one with Snooki humping a rocket on the cover…don’t get me started) and it reminded me of the first time I went to Canada. It was June, 1996, and I had just wrapped up final exams for my … Continue reading