Jam-packed Days

Last week we packed up the car and traveled south and east to Williamsburg, home of the tri-corner hat, tourists-turned-residents, and the second oldest college in the nation.  (We lived there for several years back in the day.  I was head honcho in a gang of two called the CW; proof circa 2002, below.)

Day 1: We left a gray and rainy, 42°F-morning in Blacksburg and arrived to a pleasant and sunny 68°F-afternoon in Williamsburg. Our first night in town involved sitting on the world’s most uncomfortable furniture to watch television as we both suffered internet withdrawals.  Our broadband connection was slow, probably as slow as dial-up, and I thought, “This is what the colonists must have felt like on the banks of the James River.”  I hate to think what my fellow natives felt.  Still, we got to roll into town with the car windows down and all was right with the universe.

Day 2: Morning visit from the cable guy equaled connection-problem solved.  Karl was able to look up some conference info and, more importantly, check his fantasy football team.  I was able to get to some derby business and, more importantly, check my fake mafia.  We walked some trails, played some basketball in a nearby neighborhood (I’m pretty awesome) and Karl stepped in dog poo then almost stepped in more while trying to clean off the first.  Change of shoes later, Karl successfully registered for the conference and dinner involved catching up with our friend Keith over margaritas and Mexican food.  Univision!

Day 3: Early rise for Karl’s conference.  I dropped him off for an all-day lecture fest while I visited some local businesses.  Ever heard of Target?  I also met up with my friend Lindsey for some lunch, ran some trails, rescued Karl from his conference (and snapped this picture while waiting for him), and ended the night with a great dinner at our neighbors’ house.  Universe.

Day 4: Another day of conferencing for the man.  I stayed home to clean, cook, sew, and compose correspondence in the form of holiday greetings.  I was possessed by the ghost of Donna Reed.  I also skated some more trails (I doubt Donna Reed would have done that) and later we visited our favorite watering hole (bye, Donna) where Karl and I bumped into a rocket scientist friend and other assorted nuts we hadn’t seen in years.  I also saw the following in the ladies room.  Confuniversed.

Day 5: The lovely aforementioned Lindsey drove me into Richmond where I met up with some fellow Star City Roller Girls for a day full of derby at the River City Roller Girls‘ 5th Annual Season’s Beatings.  I participated in clinics, skated with and against my league mates in fun scrimmages, and watched some great skaters from all over compete throughout the long-but-thoroughly-worth-it day.  Ended up with 2 wins, 1 loss.  Karl stayed behind to hang out with our friend Matt to watch VT kick some butt.  Tiffani, my amazing VCU partner in crime (no crime, really), picked me up so I could stay with her and and her very tolerant (and equally amazing) husband for the night.  Universally tired and happy.

Day 6: Karl picked me up in Richmond on the way home to Blacksburg.  Oh yeah, did I mention the great 68°F weather only lasted for our arrival?  By day 5 we had snow.  Day 6 involved coming home to 3…maybe 4 inches of snow and 29°F.  Universe says, “It’s December in the mountains, what did you expect?”


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