Summer Road Trip: Take Two

Once again we packed up the trusty Subaru and hit the road, this time traveling to upstate NY where Karl officiated a wedding for some amazing friends of ours.  On the way there we drove on I-81 through Pennsylvania and along some secondary roads until we hit NY.  Although we recently had a great visit in Philly, I have since decided that PA as a whole deserves a solid spot on the “States I Will Never Inhabit” list.

Why?  For starters, it appears the entire highway system of Pennsylvania undergoes a constant state of construction.  I have never traveled through the state and not been bogged down with interspersed miles of one-lane traffic.  What gives, PA?  Is a road ever finished?  And there are entirely too many strip clubs, adult toy shops, and Amish in PA.  One stretch of road, I believe Rt 15, had a river on one side – beautiful – and a line of adult shops, dive bars, and strip joints on the other – depressing.  The Amish carriages traveling behind the porn shops sealed the deal.  It’s just not right.

Overall I give the trip a solid A.  The wedding was beautiful and the bride gorgeous.  The groom wasn’t shabby either.  Everyone ate, drank, and had merriment.  On our way back I opted for spontaneity so we hit up Niagara Falls.  I figured, you should take advantage of every opportunity given to you and if that meant prolonging our return home by two hours so be it.  You only live once.

(This is what I think of nature)

(This is Karl keeping an eye on Canada)

(Behold the wonders of a panoramic shot)


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