it’s been awhile

i’m avoiding lab work at the moment mainly because a) i’m waiting on an order to arrive and b) my head feels full of mucus.  appetizing.  i’m hoping that i appear busy on the off chance my PI happens to stroll by.  perhaps i should grab my calculator and a note pad.  make a few … Continue reading

close calls

karl and i got in a wreck today and it happened so quickly i only remember a few things from the moment.  first, i couldn’t stop saying, “oh shit!  oh shit!  oh shit!” as we hydroplaned and fish-tailed all over the road. (later, this reminded me of another time i got in a car wreck when my … Continue reading

weird pic 5/27

first off – this is not animal cruelty!  “machine gun rabbit” was roadkill given by someone to karl many, many years ago for use as snake food – circle of life, yadda yadda.  but machine gun rabbit was too big at the time to feed to the snakes so he sat in a freezer for awhile.  … Continue reading

weird pic… of the week?

we’ll see how this goes.  one man’s weird is another man’s porno.  some pics might have stories.  or not.  i’m a play it by ear kinda gal. wtf is that?!?  summer of ’01.  something i picked up on a visit to atlantic city – sinners be warned.  actually, it occurred at a beach near atlantic … Continue reading

bus drivers

on my way to the lab today i walked past a school bus that was empty except for the bus driver.  he was reading a magazine and looked extremely bored.  that’s when it hit me – what do the bus drivers do when they’re not driving kids to and from the field trip?  the bus was … Continue reading