Tiny Rituals

This past weekend I wore a pair of my Grandma Ruth’s turquoise earrings and they brought back a lot of memories. I grew up in her home and for a time we even shared a bedroom. I also share her name. I wouldn’t call Grandma Ruth a vain person but she took pride in her … Continue reading

Functional / #yeahwrite #microprose

“Meeting up for drinks tonight. Join us?” “God, I wish. I’m swamped. I have that client presentation on Monday,” he replied. “Your loss, man. Always the overachiever.” He laughs. That night he drinks alone until nothing remains, not even a memory. Same as last night.

Oh The Places You’ve Been!

You had your prime on bourbon street. Not in New Orleans. No. A fraternity room with its neon “Bourbon Street” plaque above the bar. “Show me your tits!” Thrown into the air, flying, defying gravity. Draped around a victor’s neck. Ceremony. Slipped off in haste, too many choking beads. A spectacle of flesh, a moment … Continue reading


He told me I was nothing. He told me so many times I began to believe him. I quieted my tongue behind small primary teeth, twenty quiet soldiers standing guard. I spoke out once, let loose my tongue, and I received a swift backhand across my cheek. He threatened to physically break me. He stripped … Continue reading


It starts to rain. Within the woods the rainwater tumbles from leaf to leaf, flowing imperceptibly underneath leaf litter, collecting in the rivets created by previous rainfalls. The water trickles through roots, seeping deep into the earth as it obeys gravity’s law before pooling behind the rocky cliff of a mountain. The mountain, once much … Continue reading