Not a fan…

…of personalized plates in general. But this is more stuff I like. (Insert Caption Here.) “Jedi Masters get double points every Tuesday with their Kroger Plus card.” “Nothing but premium for the ol’ Millennium Falcon.” “Luke, you’ve really let yourself go.”

Post-Christmas Christmas Sweaters

  This sweater. It’s not just stuff I like.  It’s stuff I LOVE. Remember that fifth-grade teacher?  The one in her fifties sporting inappropriate hair bows and frosted highlights? She has this sweater in her closet.

Think BIG!

I like RIDICULOUSLY OVER SIZED things! For example… These Reese’s cups I saw at gas station outside of Hershey, PA. Novelty checks.  One day, I’m a gonna get me one. Over sized lab equipment.  A friend mirrors my amazement.

This Tree

This tree resides in the parking lot of the Crowne Plaza Williamsburg at Fort Magruder. In a previous life it probably lived at the bottom of an ocean. I like this tree.