Not a fan…

…of personalized plates in general. But this is more stuff I like. (Insert Caption Here.) “Jedi Masters get double points every Tuesday with their Kroger Plus card.” “Nothing but premium for the ol’ Millennium Falcon.” “Luke, you’ve really let yourself go.” Advertisements

Post-Christmas Christmas Sweaters

  This sweater. It’s not just stuff I like.  It’s stuff I LOVE. Remember that fifth-grade teacher?  The one in her fifties sporting inappropriate hair bows and frosted highlights? She has this sweater in her closet.

Think BIG!

I like RIDICULOUSLY OVER SIZED things! For example… These Reese’s cups I saw at gas station outside of Hershey, PA. Novelty checks.  One day, I’m a gonna get me one. Over sized lab equipment.  A friend mirrors my amazement.

This Tree

This tree resides in the parking lot of the Crowne Plaza Williamsburg at Fort Magruder. In a previous life it probably lived at the bottom of an ocean. I like this tree.