Happy Birthday, Disco Stu

In 1999 Karl worked as a technician at a Williamsburg veterinary clinic.  One of the receptionists owned a petite pug who was knocked up by a “fence-jumping terrier.”  (You won’t find that breed at Westminster.)  The pug was so small that her five not-so-small pups had to be delivered via Cesarean on February 15th. Karl … Continue reading

Demon Cat

For the past four nights, my sleep has been disrupted by the sounds of monumental cat fights.  The first night it happened, I sat up in bed at 3 AM, wide awake, goosebumps on my arms and legs.  The cries I heard were unlike any cat sounds I’ve heard in this house before.  I was … Continue reading

I love you, Disco Stu

This is Disco Stu: You may remember him from his scholarly days: Or from his brief stint as The Dark Knight: He turned 12 years old in February and has had very few health problems over the years, presumably due to his hybrid vigor — the fancy scientific term for being a mutt.  Several years … Continue reading

Happy birthday Boone!

I’m a terrible pet parent.  Boone celebrated his 13 birthday on January 13th and I didn’t even bake a cake.  He was the first big purchase Karl and I made together as a couple.  We’ll probably never pay money for a dog again – go to your local shelter! – but we were stupid college … Continue reading

Vet visits

A little animated video I made for my vet and vet tech friends.