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She’s So Heavy. #MeToo

Unless you’ve been camping out in your Unabomber cabin for the past week you have heard something about the #MeToo viral campaign, a campaign that has actually been around for a decade. If you are a survivor maybe you also participated in the campaign. Me too. Harvey Weinstein preyed upon aspiring actresses for years and … Continue reading

Tiny Rituals

This past weekend I wore a pair of my Grandma Ruth’s turquoise earrings and they brought back a lot of memories. I grew up in her home and for a time we even shared a bedroom. I also share her name. I wouldn’t call Grandma Ruth a vain person but she took pride in her … Continue reading

Functional / #yeahwrite #microprose

“Meeting up for drinks tonight. Join us?” “God, I wish. I’m swamped. I have that client presentation on Monday,” he replied. “Your loss, man. Always the overachiever.” He laughs. That night he drinks alone until nothing remains, not even a memory. Same as last night.

Oh The Places You’ve Been!

You had your prime on bourbon street. Not in New Orleans. No. A fraternity room with its neon “Bourbon Street” plaque above the bar. “Show me your tits!” Thrown into the air, flying, defying gravity. Draped around a victor’s neck. Ceremony. Slipped off in haste, too many choking beads. A spectacle of flesh, a moment … Continue reading


He told me I was nothing. He told me so many times I began to believe him. I quieted my tongue behind small primary teeth, twenty quiet soldiers standing guard. I spoke out once, let loose my tongue, and I received a swift backhand across my cheek. He threatened to physically break me. He stripped … Continue reading