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Prompt writing: Day #2

Today is the 265th day of the year. Prompt 265 — Smoke and Fire: Write inspired by the saying “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. Giving myself another 30 minutes to write today. ***** “What is going ON today?!” yells the woman behind the wheel of the car as she slams both palms against the top of … Continue reading

Prompt writing: attempt #1

I’m trying to get back into writing regularly so I found a prompt list. I chose number 21 to match today’s date. The prompt: Foreclosure. Time: 30 minutes. ***** The prospective buyers walked from room to room in shock. The previous owners left an inordinate amount of belongings behind. Papers and fabric littered the floors. … Continue reading

Deep Breaths

I’m clutching the door frame with one hand as I lean over to hunch my shoulders. My other hand digs into my side while I bend over, trying to expel all of the air from my lungs. I need to breathe in deeply to force a yawn but nothing happens except for shallow jags of … Continue reading


Clack.  Aruba Sands.  Clack.  Caribbean Turquoise.  Clack.  Sunset Orange.  The petite brunette, gagged, bound, and thrown beneath the cargo cover of a small SUV, is Sunset Orange.  And a small bottle of shimmery, gold and tangerine nail polish that once lived in a shoebox above her lingerie drawer rests in the jeans pocket of her … Continue reading

Tampons and Flubber

“What the hell are you talking about woman?” Fall, 1996.  I left Dartmouth behind for an exchange term at Some say the West Coast is the best coast.  I say it’s expensive.  I arrived on campus with very little money to my name.  My books alone were $300 and I had to take out a … Continue reading