Deep Breaths

I’m clutching the door frame with one hand as I lean over to hunch my shoulders. My other hand digs into my side while I bend over, trying to expel all of the air from my lungs. I need to breathe in deeply to force a yawn but nothing happens except for shallow jags of … Continue reading

Marble Madness

Months ago I stumbled upon a link on how to make marble magnets.  My craft radar went on high alert but, instead of attacking a new project immediately, I bookmarked the link and surfed on.  Last week, in efforts to tidy up my computer (after reading Joel Stein’s recent TIME magazine column making fun of … Continue reading

this past wednesday…

…i had my first practice with the lovely Star City Rollers in Roanoke. roller derby. pretty sweet. so i wiped out a couple times (three to be exact) but it felt strangely satisfying, almost as if i needed that a$$-whooping. and i have a couple of bruises to show for it! today in the lab, … Continue reading