Taking Flight

It’s a long, wet walk from the terminal.  The plane is small—one of those economy jets built for business travelers—and doesn’t even warrant a pedestrian tunnel.  The biting wind whips snow around the travelers as they scurry along the tarmac to the waiting plane, taking care not to slip in the oily gray slush and … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Disco Stu

In 1999 Karl worked as a technician at a Williamsburg veterinary clinic.  One of the receptionists owned a petite pug who was knocked up by a “fence-jumping terrier.”  (You won’t find that breed at Westminster.)  The pug was so small that her five not-so-small pups had to be delivered via Cesarean on February 15th. Karl … Continue reading

Lost In Translation

My very first digital camera came straight from Japan and all factory settings were in Japanese.  There were no English instructions.  I saved the Japanese instructions because there were pictures.  Pictures that told me how to use (or not use) my new camera.  Let me translate.


“9/11/01: It is 11:53 p.m. … I am feeling so numb, I can’t even cry.” It was around 9 AM on a gorgeous, sunny Tuesday.  I was driving on Route 5 west of Williamsburg, on my way class at VCU.  As part of my usual routine, I was listening to the local morning radio program … Continue reading

Branching Out On The Interwebs!

In the past two weeks I’ve been able to reach out further with my writing. StorkNet, a pregnancy and parenting website, has chosen to follow my pregnancy as one of their featured pregnancy journals.  These entries are basically the same as the content found on my other WordPress blog.  Sometimes I do a little editing … Continue reading