It starts to rain. Within the woods the rainwater tumbles from leaf to leaf, flowing imperceptibly underneath leaf litter, collecting in the rivets created by previous rainfalls. The water trickles through roots, seeping deep into the earth as it obeys gravity’s law before pooling behind the rocky cliff of a mountain. The mountain, once much … Continue reading

Prompt writing: Day #2

Today is the 265th day of the year. Prompt 265 — Smoke and Fire: Write inspired by the saying “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. Giving myself another 30 minutes to write today. ***** “What is going ON today?!” yells the woman behind the wheel of the car as she slams both palms against the top of … Continue reading

Prompt writing: attempt #1

I’m trying to get back into writing regularly so I found a prompt list. I chose number 21 to match today’s date. The prompt: Foreclosure. Time: 30 minutes. ***** The prospective buyers walked from room to room in shock. The previous owners left an inordinate amount of belongings behind. Papers and fabric littered the floors. … Continue reading

Deep Breaths

I’m clutching the door frame with one hand as I lean over to hunch my shoulders. My other hand digs into my side while I bend over, trying to expel all of the air from my lungs. I need to breathe in deeply to force a yawn but nothing happens except for shallow jags of … Continue reading


Clack.  Aruba Sands.  Clack.  Caribbean Turquoise.  Clack.  Sunset Orange.  The petite brunette, gagged, bound, and thrown beneath the cargo cover of a small SUV, is Sunset Orange.  And a small bottle of shimmery, gold and tangerine nail polish that once lived in a shoebox above her lingerie drawer rests in the jeans pocket of her … Continue reading