Happy Ninth to Us!

Nine years ago, Karl and I spent a long, ridiculously fun Memorial Weekend in Williamsburg surrounded by friends.  On May 25th, 2002, we married at sunset on the James River.

A lot has happened since then.  We moved to Blacksburg, bought our first — and current — home, we went back to school at Virginia Tech and both received doctorate degrees.  Now, Karl fools people on a semi-daily basis into thinking he’s some sort of qualified veterinary practitioner while I use my Ph.D. in Biochemistry to figure out what’s going on in the garden and how I can most efficiently manage our tiny house. Talk about over-educated. . .

Since our wedding day, we’ve expanded our animal kingdom from two dogs, a cat, an iguana, and several snakes to include two more cats and an ever fluxing state of reptiles.  We’ve upgraded our landscape to make room for a gorgeous deck and pond that Karl designed and built with his own two hands, and not from Elmer’s and balsa wood (I can only assume).

And now, we’re expanding again.

And on Monday, we discovered just how much we are expanding.

Do not adjust your computer screens.  You are seeing double.  We are still in shock.  Assuming all goes well (and there are always risks and it’s still really early), we should double the human content of this house by the end of December.

What you can expect: a LOT of boring details on how I’m doing because I’ve been keeping a journal for weeks now.  Be prepared to hear all about how crummy I’ve been feeling.  And what Karl’s reaction was to Baby B (top) and Baby A (bottom), aka “Thing 1 and Thing 2” aka “the Belly Fruit Basket” aka “BOGO” aka “Double Trouble”. . . it goes on and on.

Keeping on trend with excessive pets and excessive education, I guess when we do something, we really do it.  Not a bad way to celebrate nine years of marriage (and Karl’s birthday tomorrow).

Happy Ninth to Us!

3 Responses to “Happy Ninth to Us!”
  1. Cathy says:

    I have sat right here in class and just boo-hoo cried…………..LOVE this!!!!

  2. Ellen says:

    Welcome to the club…pure craziness…sam tried to down himself at the pool today. See what you have to look forward to…times two!! 🙂 congrats again andexited to read all of your posts. xoxo

  3. Sarah McGivern says:


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