Cookies, Take Two. (I took three…or maybe five…)

This year’s first attempt at holiday sugar cookies was a total disaster.  That’s what happens when you use shortening over glorious, tasty butter.  Lesson learned.  I ended up tossing the remaining “dough” from that experiment and started over.

Day 1.

The cookie dough – this time made with 3 sticks of butter – came together beautifully!  It was slightly sticky, not mushy.  Always a good sign.  The dough was chilled overnight in the fridge.

Day 2.

I prepped the workspace with plastic wrap for rolling out dough and had the cookie cutters ready and waiting.  And again, the handy Malibu bottle pulled double duty as a rolling pin.

At first the dough was really stiff and I was afraid I had chilled for too long or overworked the dough.  But after a few moments on the counter and a couple of passes with the rolling pin it warmed up and felt like…well…like butter.  And I felt like Vincent Price in Edward Scissorhands.  I was able to cook up five batches and approximately 5 dozen cookies.  A perfect recipe!

Day 3.

Icing Day!  I used this recipe for sugar cookie icing.  One full batch of icing and two half batches (and a couple of hours ) later and I had some amazing looking cookies!  If I do say so myself.  And I do.

The initials are for the nieces and nephews we would be seeing on our Christmas trip to Connecticut.

One cookie did not make the final gifting round.  That would be the Santa cookie.

I thought he looked like he was hailing a cab.  Karl thought he looked like he was doing the drunken lean against a building while taking a piss.  He didn’t look any better with pants on.  In fact…he looked worse.  I don’t like my Santas wearing skinny jeans.  But he tasted great!


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