It’s a telephone, not a walkie-talkie.

Dear mom,

You may be wondering why I haven’t called in awhile.  Well I’ve been calling you for quite some time now – years, really – to check in, see how you and the family are doing, and to let you know what’s up with me.  Karl’s parents inquired about you last night (they’re in town for Thanksgiving) and I really didn’t have anything to say since I haven’t spoken to you since I last called on October 8.  So I’ve decided to not call you and see how long it takes before you reach out to me first.  You see, these telephone things have the ability to dial out too!  Luckily for you Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I hope you think, “I wonder what she’s up to?  I should call and wish a Happy Thanksgiving.”  Otherwise we can try again next month!  I hear it’s full of holidays too.




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