Long lost relatives?

I say I’m 100% Native American but I know that’s not true.  My mother’s maiden name is Harrison.  Now I could be wrong, but I’m fairly certain that Native peoples living in precolonial times didn’t carry the surname Harrison.  So a couple of nights ago I decided to Google* my maternal grandfather, Jess, to find out more about his ancestry.

I wasn’t holding my breath as Harrison nearly rivals the ubiquity of Smith or Jones.  However it turns out that my great-grandfather Jesse Harrison Sr. was the son of Missouri-born John James Harrison.  My great-great grandfather John James married a Cherokee woman, Cecelia Ussery, in Missouri (c. 1888) and they ended up in Oklahoma.  John James’s father was Benjamin B. who moved from Kentucky to Missouri, presumably with his father, William Henry.

William Henry, or great-great-great-great-granpappy as I like to call him, was born in Chesterfield, VA in 1768 and died in Missouri at the age of 80 – not bad for the 19th century!  Must have been all of the bloodletting.  And then things get a little tricky.  William Henry’s father was probably Henry Harrison, Jr. who was born in the 1720s in Surry, VA.  Other branches point to William Henry’s father being Benjamin Harrison IV, a plantation owner in Charles City Co., VA.

Regardless of the baby-daddy, for 6 years I lived in James City County with views of Surry County and the Jamestown settlement from the backyard.  James City County borders Charles City County.  I commented on the irony of me being a Native American with maternal ancestors who were forcibly-relocated to “Indian Territory” due to European immigrants setting up shop at places like Jamestown.  And I also poked fun at my husband whose maternal side of the family has ancestral connections to Jamestown settlement inhabitants.

What does this all mean?  It means my husband and I are practically cousins!**

*For the record, I believe that Googling a real person (ex-boyfriend, co-worker) as opposed to fictional people (Homer Simpson, Megan Fox) verges on stalker behavior.   The stalker-search engine behavior does not apply to Facebook says the woman who rationalizes her stalker tendencies.  And I don’t think Megan Fox is real.  She’s married to David Silver.  Case closed.

** Or not.  All of this information was gleaned from one family tree from one website and it could all be wildly wrong.  More research should be done but I don’t want to find out any more because now I can’t make fun of Karl for being the white (male) oppressor.

2 Responses to “Long lost relatives?”
  1. Cherokee says:

    Sounds like you signed up for the free trial with ancestry.com

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