R.I.Pieces: Mac Performa (1994-2010)

Orientation week at college institutions holds many firsts for freshmen.  The first dorm and roommate experiences, the first college ID, the first college-level courses.  Since I attended boarding school housed on the University of Oklahoma’s campus, my high school classmates and I had already accomplished these things.  But I had another first to achieve: my first computer.   All incoming Dartmouth College students were required to have their own computer.

My first computer!  A Mac Performa 636CD and every dorm room had ethernet connections!  No one used the telephone unless parents or long-distance relationships were calling.  Within one week nearly every freshman computer crashed from the strain of all the pirated junk being sent from room to room.

When Karl and I met we owned the same model so we consolidated and recycled his computer.  When we moved to Blacksburg the Mac was left behind, boxed up and replaced by a PC laptop.  Seven years later, I finally made the decision to let go of my first computer.

Note the Dell laptop, unceremoniously smashed in next to the the world’s most awesome computer.

In efforts to make the world a better place I wanted to make sure the computer parts were safely discarded.  After destroying the circuitry with unnecessary force (hooray, mini-sledge!), I called up the Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority to get costs on disposal.  Ridding the world of approximately 50 lbs of electronic waste cost us $17.  Highway robbery when you consider the following:

I can get rid of ONE TON of DEAD ANIMALS for FIFTY-ONE DOLLARS!!! That equates to 200 miniature dachshunds!  Or just over 2000 squirrels!  Or a couple of cows!  And like a chump, I paid about one third of that price for a boxful of metal and plastic.  Next time, I’m stuffing roadkill with computer parts.


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