Derby Business As Usual

I’ve spent a large chunk of my day on the computer and the phone working as my Star City Roller Girl alter-ego, Ivy B. Leaguer: Interleague Coordinator, in order to achieve the following:

  • Contract and initial roster drafted for a roller derby bout on October 10 vs the Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens (Hagerstown, MD),
  • Roster secured and contract received for a bout on September 12 vs River City’s Uncivil Warriors (Richmond, VA),
  • Coordinated skater help for the New River Valley Rollergirls’s September 4th bout vs the Charlottesville Derby Dames,
  • Consulted with several league officers and members from my league plus the above leagues. (That’s the “inter”-part of interleague coordinating.)

I also watched 2 episodes of “My Fair Wedding” thanks to TV OnDemand.  That has nothing to do with derby.  It just took up an hour and a half of my day while I ate lunch and cleaned the living room.

Being unemployed does afford me the ability to have marathon derby days like today but sometimes I wish the derby gods could grant me a check for my efforts or at least cover my internet and phone bills.  Still, I love my league and love helping out to the best of my ability.  Oftentimes the result is a frustrated husband.

“Do you have to answer that phone call now?”

The term “derby widow” wasn’t coined for nothing!  Did I say I love my league?  I mean, I LOOOOOOVE my league.  Go Star City!

I have a derby contact returning a phone call right now – really and truly!  I have to take this one.


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