it’s been awhile

i’m avoiding lab work at the moment mainly because a) i’m waiting on an order to arrive and b) my head feels full of mucus.  appetizing.  i’m hoping that i appear busy on the off chance my PI happens to stroll by.  perhaps i should grab my calculator and a note pad.  make a few meaningful scribbles and look as if i’m extremely preoccupied and on the verge of a major scientific breakthrough.

really, i’m just thinking about lunch and about how annoyed i am about my current television situation.   i’m a self-proclaimed tv junkie.  about a month or so ago some friends let us use their extra 42″ plasma tv.  you know, because we all have these things just lying around.  so we upgraded our cable and got a HD/DVR receiver in order to become more efficient television viewers.

except the damned television shuts off by itself all the time.  yesterday it shut off only twice over the course of hours.  this morning it shut off approximately 15 times in 5 minutes.  my morning routine is being killed by the temperamental tv and my anxiety level is reaching all-time highs.  on the plus side, i have read two books in the past week since the tv is no longer a distraction.  but now we’re actually considering going out and buying a new tv.  to replace the one we’re borrowing.  so we can enjoy our new cable upgrades.  that we purchased only after getting the borrowed television.  it’s an ugly cycle of consumerism and gluttony.


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