close calls

karl and i got in a wreck today and it happened so quickly i only remember a few things from the moment.  first, i couldn’t stop saying, “oh shit!  oh shit!  oh shit!” as we hydroplaned and fish-tailed all over the road. (later, this reminded me of another time i got in a car wreck when my youngest brother was screaming, “oh shit!  oh shit!  oh shit!” while squeezing the guts out of his mcdonald’s dr. pepper, spilling it and french fries all over the back seat of a rental car.)  i glanced at karl and saw his glasses cock-eyed on his face.  i guess they fell off when the air-bag hit because they were on the floor after we realized we were okay.  and i remember being really disgusted at the smell of deployed air-bags and freaking out when i pulled it from my face.

although the truck is totaled after getting up close and personal with a giant boulder (aka “mountain”), we walked away with bruises and help from some very nice people.  we ended up in mr. earl’s ditch and, despite the big rut near his driveway, he offered us “early apples” from his apple tree and a ride to the post office to mail my mom’s birthday present.  we declined both but accepted a ride back home.

tomorrow i’ll wake up very sore and bruised from the seat belt but very glad to be in my own bed.

addition: a little insult to injury.  three days later we received the title to the crashed truck in the mail.  final payment: july 8, 2008.  day of crashed car.


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