weird pic… of the week?

we’ll see how this goes.  one man’s weird is another man’s porno.  some pics might have stories.  or not.  i’m a play it by ear kinda gal.

wtf is that?!?  summer of ’01.  something i picked up on a visit to atlantic city – sinners be warned.  actually, it occurred at a beach near atlantic city where a good friend of mine and karl’s held labor day parties.  a glorious place where, just across the street, lived a 24 hour bar called “the rod and reel.”

anyway, a few hours after a dip in the ocean i noticed a small, itchy bug-bite on my calf.  over the next few days the bite developed a long blister and rash that spread up my thigh.  finally, after strapping a feminine napkin to my calf to absorb the oozy mess (because gauze wasn’t cutting it), i went to the ER.

the doctor was superstumped.  he called in a team of doctors.  they took pictures.  they brought out rulers.  they gave me an expensive salve, an ointment – if you will, and told me it was most likely a brush with a dead jellyfish tentacle since i didn’t feel an initial sting.  who knew?

the end.


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