bus drivers

on my way to the lab today i walked past a school bus that was empty except for the bus driver.  he was reading a magazine and looked extremely bored.  that’s when it hit me – what do the bus drivers do when they’re not driving kids to and from the field trip?  the bus was from out of town so i assume it was field trip.  i could be wrong.  he could have been a very incompetent busjacker.

if the trip is to someplace cool, like an amusement park, do they get to go inside the park too?  i imagine if the kids had to go to someplace like a fish hatchery or aloe vera plant (both examples of field trips from a sad middle school experience) they would prefer sitting on the bus and reading magazines.  or eating all the school kids’ lunches a la “billy madison.”  i would have preferred sitting on the bus during a field trip to a fish hatchery.  does the bus driver have to guard the bus from possible busjackers?  do they get extra cash for driving the field trip bus?  god, i hope so.  i remember going on field trips where we acted like rabid animals in a pet carrier.  i wouldn’t have been surprised if the bus driver drove off of the nearest cliff if there were cliffs to be had in oklahoma.


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