men and their “feelings”

we have friends (no – really – we do!), let’s call them sid and nancy.  nancy wants to move back to our area.  we’ve talked about it and pipe-dreamed about it for a bit, without the menfolk knowing.  finally nancy let sid know of our plottings.  sid was interested, but according to nancy, he said, “i know you two want us to move back, but how does karl feel?  does he miss me?”

flash forward to tonight.  i mentioned this karl.  and he laughed!  granted, sid was being a big ol’ pussface, but still… to laugh in the face of another man’s feelings?!?  cold.

karl said, “the only feelings i want to share revolve around, ‘i’m feeling gassy.  i’m feeling tired.  i’m feeling hungry.”’

holy crap, i’m married to java man.


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