Hello.  My name is Ruth Ann and I’m a lip product addict.  I’ve been a casual user since 1990.  Oh sure, in middle school I had some “Kissing Potion” or chocolate Chapstick but that was innocent fun.

No, my sordid story started in winter of 1989 with a pot of Carmex for chapped lips.  That gateway pot led to Blistex DCT because my lips were “always chapped.”  It was only a matter of time before I graduated to colors.  By mid-high school I was using on a daily basis and rotated between Carmex, DCT, and sheer pink gloss.

My freshmen year in college I developed the habit of leaving full-blown lipstick in my jeans pocket.  I ruined two loads of lights thanks to “Toast of New York” and “Rum Raisin” in the dryer.  Like the hands of Lady Macbeth, my white socks and favorite white t-shirts with pithy sayings were spotted with dark red reminders of my vice.

However not even that was a wake-up call.  It took thirteen more years to comprehend the extent of my problem when I discovered I owned two tubes of the same shade and brand of lip gloss.  In the latter half of those thirteen years I also developed a secondary addiction to Burt’s Bees lip balm.  Current attempts to kick that habit are proving successful.

I use in all forms:  tubes, vials, pots, creams.  Like a squirrel gearing up for winter I tuck lip glosses away in all manner of places – the car console, handbags, backpacks, kitchen drawers.  The following picture does not contain all of my stash.  More products are stored away in unknown places to haunt me at later dates.

Hello.  My name is Ruth Ann and I’m addicted to lip products.


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