i love my man

last night we were watching us some letterman and a commercial for oscar mayer hot dogs came on.  karl said, “if i had a wiener-mobile i’d drive it all the time.”  and i said, “what are you going to do with a wiener-mobile?  you couldn’t even park it in the yard.”  to which he said, “YOU couldn’t park it in the yard.  you’re just jealous of my wiener-mobile parking skills.”  i was quiet for a moment and then i said, “this is probably the dumbest conversation i’ve had in weeks.”  we both laughed our asses off.  i was crying, i was laughing so hard.  eh…i guess you had to be there.

*addendum* between the two of us we have almost 20 years of post-secondary education.  and a couple of days after the wiener-mobile talk we argued over whether the kool-aid man wore shorts, jeans, or no pants at all.


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