this past wednesday…

…i had my first practice with the lovely Star City Rollers in Roanoke. roller derby. pretty sweet. so i wiped out a couple times (three to be exact) but it felt strangely satisfying, almost as if i needed that a$$-whooping. and i have a couple of bruises to show for it! today in the lab, business as usual, i felt like a different person and i didn’t tell very many people what i did on purpose. it’s like being clark kent / superman…or maybe more like bruce banner / hulk… eh, you get the point, right?  i want to hold on to that feeling for a little while longer…  anyway, big thanks to the ladies who made this piece of “fresh meat” feel welcome! now i just hope i can get some skates and some skillz…

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  1. […] became more stressful than therapeutic so I left the organization I had been involved with since February of 2007. That loss of derby combined with a running injury, the winter doldrums, and some weight gain left […]

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